EEOR – Electrically Enhanced Oil Recovery SM

A Vast Opportunity — Billions of Barrels Waiting Below Us

Given today’s fluctuating oil prices, as well as the ever-present politics of supply and demand, the need for further heavy oil recovery is enormous… as is the opportunity. Currently, there are several hundred billion barrels of known heavy oil reserves in North America and vast reserves elsewhere in the world. The prevailing methods for heavy oil extraction are steam-based (which require massive amounts of water and power)… more

EEOR – Electrically Enhanced Oil Recovery SM — Highly Effective for Heavy Oil Recovery, Cost Savings, and a Greener Environment

This patented technology from Electro-Petroleum, Inc. (EPI) sets a new standard for heavy oil recovery that requires no water and less power to apply. The process enables low-cost recovery of stranded oil reserves by applying electric currents to hydrocarbons in the ground, which upgrades and mobilizes heavy oils that are too viscous to be extracted by conventional pumping techniques… more