EEOR – Electrically Enhanced Oil Recovery SM

Our Team

Philip F. Bell
President and CEO

In addition to serving as President and CEO of EPI, Phil is also a Managing Member of Temblor Petroleum, LLC, a partnership that is developing several oil fields — including heavy oil — in California.

After graduating from Duke University, Phil spent the first 16 years of his career at General Electric (GE), starting in their financial training program and progressing through numerous senior CFO positions throughout the world. His most recent position was CFO of GE Power Systems – Asia (now GE Energy), based in Hong Kong, a $1.8 billion revenue business. Prior to this position, he was CFO of GE Gas Turbine, also $1.8 billion in revenue. After leaving GE, Phil helped found ICG Commerce, a procurement services firm. He then joined FNX Solutions, a software company for capital markets trading, where he was CFO and then President. His most recent position was as CFO for Kaz, Inc, a $400 million consumer medical products company.

Andrew I (Andy) Burnett
VP – Geoscience

Andy Burnett is a professional geologist who has 40 years of experience in both exploration and development geology throughout the Western Canadian basin and the Territories. Andy has been in management for several prominent companies since 1980, as a senior executive since 1990. Andy’s career as a geologist started in 1974 with Murphy Oil and he quickly moved into responsibilities for entire areas with that company and subsequent firms, moving into management positions with Texaco Canada Resources in 1980, taking on increasing responsibilities until its sale to Esso in 1990.  From there Andy Burnett served as Exploration Manager of Pacific Enterprises, taking the company to a production level of 3,000 boe/day at the time of its sale to Enerplus in 1992.
In 1993 Mr. Burnett became vice president of exploration at Gardiner Oil and Gas Limited, a struggling public company. Andy rebuilt the exploration department, reduced F&D costs by almost 60% while discovering and initiating the acquisition of key properties that took production from 3,200 boe/day to over 10,000 boe/ day. When the public version of Gardiner was sold to Poco in 1996, Andy became a founder and vice president of exploration at Gardiner Exploration Limited, a private company. Starting from zero production, Andy took the company to 750 boe/day and an undeveloped land base of 70,000 acres at the time of its sale to Cypress in 1999.
Following his successes at Gardiner, Andy Burnett took on the role of exploration vice president for BelAir Energy Corporation. He played a key role in growing the company from 900 boe/day to 3,000 boe/day. Andy was responsible for moving the company from an acquisition role to being a full cycle company, while consolidating the company’s core assets. At the sale of BelAir in 2003, Andy Burnett became the president and COO of Drilcorp Energy Ltd. growing the company in one year to production levels that enabled its profitable sale in 2005. Since that time Mr. Burnett has served as a geological consultant for various companies. His work for these company’s has ranged from assisting with the start up of a private oil and gas company through exploration work in the Yukon, shale gas in B.C., shallow gas work in Fort McMurray, acquisition and drilling on the Peace River Arch and heavy oil work in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In addition to all of the foregoing, Andy Burnett works as an instructor providing introductory geology courses for industry professionals.

Marian Morys
VP – Technology

Marian has 25 years of experience in research and development of geophysical instrumentation and downhole formation evaluation tools. In his most recent position as Technology Director for Halliburton’s Exton Technology Center (formerly NUMAR), he led the team developing advanced wireline and MWD logging technology encompassing NMR, electromagnetic and acoustic sensors.

Marian received a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Warsaw Technical University in Poland and MBA degree from Pennsylvania State University. After graduating, he joined the technical staff of the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, where he worked on instrumentation and methods for measuring Earth’s magnetic field, deep magnetotelluric sounding, and solar radiation monitoring. In 1990, Marian moved to the US to apply his skills in the industrial applications of leading-edge geophysical measurements. He was part of two successful startups: Solar Light Company and NUMAR. Progressing through technical leadership positions, Marian gained experience in project, R&D, and business management as well as the ability to foster collaboration with industrial and research organizations.

Marian is an author of numerous technical publications and holds US and foreign patents.

David V. Taylor
VP – Operations

Dave Taylor has over 35 years of experience in oil and gas production, drilling and completions throughout Western Canada and other areas of the world specializing in the heavy oil sector. His experience in conventional and heavy oil production covers all aspects of production management, drilling and completions including supervision of teams and activities for companies such as Osum Oil Sands Corp, Cutpick Energy, Meridian Explorations, Pearl Exploration, and Atlas Energy.  Dave has further extensive expertise in management of drilling and completion programs for oil, heavy oil and gas wells involving vertical, directional and horizontal drilling techniques. He has provided his expertise to companies such as Encana, AEC, Canadian Occidental, and Mobil with work throughout North America. This included his tenure as vice president of Aerostar Resources where he took production from zero to 320 bopd at which Purchase Oil & Gas acquired point the company.

 In 1979 he founded Windale Oil Services Ltd., of which he is the president and general manager. Through Windale he has provided and continues to deliver services to over 30 oil companies.  Windale’s clients have included Murphy Oil, Pan Canadian, Bellator Exploation, Calvalley Petroleums, Sask Oil, Imperial Oil, Wascana Energy, Norcen Energy, Bow Valley Exploration, Petro Canada, Probe Exploration, Electro-Petroleum, and Canada Cities Service. His company’s services have included management of operations covering all aspects of drilling programs together with completions and work-overs including perforating, multi-stage fracturing, SAGD, coiled tubing, fishing operations and oil sands exploration wells.